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This remodeled Crossroads Cruiser has an earthy modern interior

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about this RV renovation

Type of RV: 2009 Crossroads Cruiser

Renovated by: @fivetalentshomes / Budget: 15k / Timeline: 10 Weeks

When Elijah & Leann built their home in South Carolina, they temporarily stayed in a travel trailer they renovated for their family of six. They’ve previously renovated homes for clients, but experiencing RV life firsthand inspired them to renovate campers. Now they’re able to transform RVs into modern tiny homes, while having more time with their four young kids.

Today we’re touring their latest project, a beautifully remodeled Crossroads Cruiser with an earthy organic interior. This renovation includes beautiful details, like the whimsical wallpaper used in the water closet and a creative way to hide the RV control switches.

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What inspired you to renovate RV’s?

We renovated a TT for our family of 6 to live in while renovating our home. When we were finished with the house, the TT sold quickly to a young lady who was excited to make it her full-time home. We love to renovate homes but renovating RVs gives us more time with our 4 young kids, and we also get to give someone the opportunity to live in a cozy little house like we had so much fun doing ourselves. Having renovated homes for ourselves and clients in the past has given us the experience needed to renovate RVs for others, and having lived in one has given us insider information on what works and doesn’t work. We love making things beautiful but also last for the long haul.

What made you choose this specific RV to renovate?

We loved the huge kitchen in this RV!

Was this Crossroads Cruiser renovation inspired by anything specific?

I saw a picture on Instagram a while back of an organic-modern designed kitchen. I hadn’t seen that look before and loved all the earthy, moody feels going on. I had to try my hand at that style.

How would you describe your decorating style?

I have done a crazy orange kitchen with teal accents to a purple kitchen with marble floors, to an all-white and neutral trailer. I love having an inspiration picture and seeing how the process evolves into something completely different in the end. I do love getting to know a client and trying to figure out finishes they will love but couldn’t see coming together until it is all finished.

What’s your favorite aspect of interior design?

We usually work with a tight deadline so I cant always see finishes next to each other in person. It always feels like a happy accident that everything fits together in the end.

What project made the most difference?

Paint is hard to beat. I cant say enough how crucial prep work is though! Prep until your eyeballs fall out haha!

What are your favorite places to source products and decor?

Amazon and Antique stores. I really like the woodworkers on Etsy for hand-turned table legs and millwork. The prices are comparable to Lowes and Home Depot, but I am getting a superior product and supporting a small business.

What was most challenging about this fifth wheel renovation?

I really really wanted to have a full-size sleeper sofa, but I also wanted to extend the countertops, so it really limited my sofa options. I searched for 2 weeks before finding the perfect couch, then it got stuck on the boat at sea, then stuck at the warehouse for 2 weeks before slowly (so slowly) meandering the 2.5 hours to my house- which took another 11 days. I called every day, asking to pick it up myself. But alas- it finally arrived, lol!

What’s the most splurge-worthy item you incorporated into the interior?

I love a tankless water heater! With 4 dirty kids that need baths and make endless dirty cups, it was my favorite upgrade we added! I’m also a huge fan of light fixtures. I think they do the most to make RVs look like a home.

Most asked about product sources:

The cabinets are SW High Tea. All of my light fixtures are from Amazon. I love buying the return items on amazon. I can’t find anywhere to buy light fixtures that beats them.

Do you take on custom renovation projects or offer design consulting?

We love to do custom renovations!

What piece of advice would you give someone about to start an RV renovation?

Be ready for it to take so much longer than you are expecting. It may seem small, but as a home renovator, I can tell you that it feels like just as much work as a house. Give yourself time and grace.

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