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This modern country Montana includes a custom bar and antique sink (and it’s for SALE!)

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about this RV renovation

Type of RV: 2014 Keystone Montana 3402RL

Renovated by: @dwyerandco / Budget: 15k / Timeline: 3 months

Alana, a designer, and Nick, a veteran, are a husband and wife team that renovates RVs, takes on design projects, and loves a good challenge. They live full-time in their Heartland Cyclone Toy Hauler stationed in Fort Polk, Louisiana, and are expecting their first baby in January!

Today we’re touring their latest RV renovation, a 2014 Keystone Montana with modern country vibes. It includes stylish storage, a beautifully renovated kitchen, a custom bar, and an antique bathroom sink. It’s also currently for sale! (Check out the listing at the bottom of this post). If you’re looking for a cozy home on wheels, this may just be it.

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What inspired you to renovate RV’s?

We sort of fell into the lifestyle accidentally. My husband Nick was a Captain in the Army at the time of the pandemic in early 2020. We owned a house in Clarksville, TN together until, after only living there for a month, they sent him out to Arizona without me. I had no clue why I was living in a town by myself in a house alone. So I sold the house and drove cross country to live in a hotel room with him through the pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, they wouldn’t let us go home to see family during Thanksgiving, so we rented our first travel trailer and hit the road for a Sedona adventure. It was the most amazing time we have ever spent together, and I said I want to buy an RV and raise kids while we explore. Cut to a few years later, I am 7.5 months pregnant with our first baby, due in January, and we are renovating our Toy Hauler room into his nursery. We love the RV life.

This Montana renovation happened while we were stationed in Louisiana. Our landowners were pipeline workers for years, and this Montana was their home on wheels. They bought property and the RV park we ended up staying in, so the RV was no longer being used as their home. They saw how we renovated our Cyclone and asked if we would help them renovate and sell their Montana. We jumped at the chance because, as a couple, we love a good project.

How would you describe your decorating style?

I have a very maximalist go-bold or go-home eccentric style, but when decorating for someone else, I like to make it feel like them with a more updated touch.

What’s your favorite aspect of interior design?

The impact the colors of a room can have on your mood. I know I have done my job when someone walks into a room, and it evokes a strong emotion.

Was this modern country montana inspired by anything specifiC?

It was located in the woods of Louisiana, and the owners are a sweet country couple, so I was really inspired to make it feel like a modern country cottage. The pine trees all around inspired the color palette for sure.

What project made the most difference?

They are all impactful, but taking out the upper cabinets above the island really opened up the entire living space.

What are your favorite places to source products and decor?

For this RV I sourced a lot of the paintings from a local antique store owner. I fell in love with her oil paintings. I bought 6 just for myself. You can see one of her paintings in the bathroom of this Montana renovation. Always get to know your local business owners you never know what hidden talents they have!

What’s the most splurge-worthy item you incorporated into the RV interior?

This is a tough one because we did so many custom pieces for this renovation. My favorite thing we added to the RV was probably the built-in bar and the storage in the banquette booth seating. As someone who lives in an RV, you can never have enough space for shoes and cleaning products, so adding eight extra feet of storage while making it look gorgeous was a bonus.

“I love drawing inspiration from TV shows. My full time job as a Television Producer leaves me looking at a lot of set designs and period pieces. I love drawing inspiration from past decades and putting a modern twist to it.”

– @dwyerandco

Most asked about product sources:

We got the flooring on clearance from a warehouse, so that isn’t available any longer. The pull-out sofa is from Walmart. A lot of the furniture was sourced from a local antique shop! I love bringing aged items into a new space, so it feels lived in. Paint color: Messenger Bag by Sherwin Williams, Simply White by Benjamin Moore.

Do you take on custom renovation projects or offer design consulting?

We do offer design consulting while I am going on Maternity leave instead of offering full renovations. We will ideally pick full renovation projects back up in the summer.

What piece of advice would you give someone about to start an RV renovation?

You should have a financial buffer because, especially with inflation, you will spend more than planned.

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