this fully renovated heartland bighorn includes a stunning kitchen transformation

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about this RV renovation

Type of RV: 2011 Heartland Bighorn 3070RL

Renovation and Photos by: @rvingdogsandwine / Timeline: 4 Months

We’re back with another inspiring RV renovation, and this one comes from two of my favorite RV renovators based out of California, otherwise known as RVing Dogs and Wine! Ann and her husband, Tom, are known for their beautifully renovated RVs and for sharing RV reno tips and videos, making them an invaluable resource to the RV community!

Today we’re peeking inside their latest renovation, a 2011 Heartland Bighorn. The interior is stunning and is filled with custom details that make this RV both pretty and practical. Some of my favorite details include the square Zellige style backsplash in the kitchen, wood and brass hardware, coffee/wine bar, and how they rebuilt the upper kitchen cabinets to flip up vs. swing out.

This RV has been sold, but be sure to follow these amazing RV renovators so you don’t miss out on their next flip. You can also hire them to customize your RV or discuss design consulting.

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What made you choose this specific RV to renovate?

We always look for quality build RV’s that have good bones and a layout we can improve on. We originally set out to renovate another bunkhouse model but came across this 2011 Heartland Bighorn and we just couldn’t pass it up.

What was most challenging about this heartland bighorn renovation?

The unseasonally rainy California winter weather! We are so spoiled to be able to work year-round outside here in Southern California but this year we got rained out and it slowed our renovation down quite a bit.

What project made the most difference?

The biggest change in this RV was probably the way we moved the areas around, we changed the location of the TV and fireplace, changed the dinette area, and were able to add a coffee/wine bar as well. On the Island, we added a flip-up counter so we gained an additional place for bar seating.

We completely gutted the bathroom and kept the footprint but everything including the shower surround was replaced, it is amazing what a lighter color scheme does for a small space as the bathroom now feels bigger even though the space is the same size.

“One of the finishes I had selected as soon as I saw this kitchen was a square Zellige type tile for the backsplash, and I love how it came out. I have had a love for Zellige tile since I was in my 20’s and backpacked through Marocco and I’m so happy to see it finally come in style in the US so we get a selection here as well.”

– @rvingdogsandwine

“We loved the island with 3 large drawers for storage but due to the slides the island felt a bit on the skinny side. We added the flip up top, changed the shape and added some open shelves on the end. Now there is extra counter space, and an additional space to sit and eat.”

– @rvingdogsandwine

“Best of both worlds to have the TV hidden while not in use and in a perfect spot across from the sofa when you want to watch it.”

– @rvingdogsandwine

“We just love the RV community and all the nice, fun people we have met just because we renovate RVs that we otherwise never would have crossed paths with.”

– @rvingdogsandwine

“We did a vertical shiplap with a top cap to replace the original headboard. The new headboard, base of the bed and dresser was painted in Wall Street from Sherwin Williams and the walls and ceiling in Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore. Our wood details are all white oak.”

– @rvingdogsandwine

What piece of advice would you give someone about to begin an RV renovation?

Look at the overall picture for your design, budget, and ability, be flexible in your design (there will always be things coming up you did not expect), and don’t overdesign a small space. Oh, and everything will take twice as long as you anticipated! When you are designing your space think of how you will use it when you take it camping, it does not matter how pretty it is if it is not functioning well.

Do you take on custom renovation projects or offer design consulting?

Yes, we also renovate client-owned RVs and are currently working on a 2017 Jayco Pinnacle for a super sweet couple and their pup that will be an amazing RV. We are also working on setting up a better way to provide consultations so we can better help people that renovate their own RVs.

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