You’ve never seen a park model trailer renovation quite like this one

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about this RV renovation

Type of RV: 2005 Damon Bayridge Park Model Trailer

Renovated by: @ashley.joyfullygrowing / Budget: $15,000 / Timeline: 6 months

Ashley and her husband, Mike, purchased and renovated a park model RV in an effort to live simpler, be closer to family, and save money. They aren’t new to tiny living either. The day after they got married, they purchased a 5th wheel and lived in it for 2 years while paying off 70k in student loans!

They eventually rented an apartment and then purchased a house when Mike’s job relocated them to Bozeman, Montana.

One of their biggest goals has been debt freedom, so when an unexpected opportunity came up that would help them achieve this AND be closer to friends and family in Oregon, they jumped on board! They sold the home they had renovated, paid cash for their RV, and are currently living debt-free on their friend’s land.

Their RV is a park model, so it’s meant to be parked for longer periods of time and doesn’t have typical RV tanks. They went this direction because they didn’t plan to travel and wanted a larger layout, extra space for an office, and residential appliances.

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What led you to tiny living?

3 main reasons: debt freedom, moving closer to friends/family, and living a simpler life.

Do you travel or are you stationary?


How would you describe your decorating style?

Mid-century modern meets boho with a dash of rustic

What are you most inspired by or is there anything specific that inspired your reno?

We love to DIY and make our home reflect our personal style – after living in a house for 2 years, we were ready for a challenge and we’re excited to see how we could turn an RV into a perfect tiny home for us.

Where’s your favorite place to shop for décor?

World Market, Target, Thrift Stores, HomeGoods, Ikea

What was most challenging about your Park Model Trailer renovation?

The timeline being longer than expected – we were so ready to move in!

What project made the most difference?

Oh man… all of them! if I had to choose one, I would say streamlining the kitchen layout and getting rid of bulky overhead cabinets made a huge difference!

What’s your favorite aspect of tiny living?

Living with less! I love that I can see all of my belongings in one space and am encouraged to not buy the latest and greatest because there’s simply no room!

What’s your least favorite aspect?

Being forced to sleep in a queen, instead of a king.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself since going tiny?

We accumulated way too much stuff living in a 4 bedroom home; I never want to acquire that many unused things again.

What piece of advice would you give someone about to begin an RV renovation?

Do your research and expect things to go wrong. DIYing a camper is nothing like doing DIY projects in a sticks/bricks home.

most asked about product sources:

Paint color: Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Flooring: Urban Floors from their Cascade Series in the color Yellowstone

Sinks: Sinkology

Shower hardware: Signature Hardware

Cabinets: Home Depot

Sofa and ottoman: Article

(All sources are linked over on her blog)

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(This post was originally published in 2019 on mountainmodernlife.com)

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