This vintage trailer remodel was inspired by a Pendleton blanket

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about this RV renovation

Type of RV: 1970 Silver Streak Atlas Deluxe

Renovation and Photos by: @stagecoachrenovations / Timeline: 1-2 Months / Budget: Under 10k

Do you swoon over all-things Pendleton or find yourself inspired by desert modern interiors? If so, I’m pretty sure you’ll be just as obsessed with this vintage trailer remodel as I am. Jed and Katie Wiley are the husband and wife duo behind Stagecoach Renovations, a family-owned business located in the PNW. They have a passion for all things vintage as well as the great outdoors, which they share with their three kids. Katie is also a food writer and recipe developer.

They received their first trailer, 1968 Aristocrat Lo-Liner, for free from family friends who were about to take it to the dump. They later renovated their own trailer (a 1977 Coachman), and have since renovated dozens of vintage trailers and tiny homes.

Today we’re taking a peek inside a 1970 Silver Streak they renovated for a client in Palm Springs, and affectionately named “The Joshua Tree Suite”. The bold colors, mix of patterns, and details are sure to inspire!

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How would you describe your decorating style?

That’s tough. I can appreciate all styles but I definitely love working with bold colors and patterns most.

Was this renovation inspired by anything or anyone specific?

I found a vintage Pendleton Chief Joseph blanket in a local thrift shop that I designed the entire space around.

In this one of a kind space, we wanted to create a retreat consisting of natural materials and soft, luxurious textures to balance out the bold colors and patterns that celebrate the Desert Empire of it’s soon to be home in Desert Hot Springs, California. In this suite, we drew inspiration from warm desert sunsets with the use of bold reds and oranges found in the Pendleton fabrics.

We wanted to create a space that mimicked beautiful white adobe huts by creating a natural mud wall texture throughout the entire space. We incorporated cholla wood and cacti, celebrating the unique desert landscaping. Most importantly, we wanted to couple the healing properties of the naturally occurring hot springs with the luxurious natural fabrics of linen and Pendleton wool to create the highest level of comfort for its soon to be guests.

“The Joshua Tree Suite was inspired by one blanket! I found a vintage Pendleton Chief Joseph blanket in a local thrift shop that I designed the entire space around.”



Shopping! I always say I have the fun job, and my husband, Jed, has the hard job! Jed does almost all of the renovations, planning, and building. I spend my time shopping for treasures for inspiration, design, and staging is my absolute favorite part of the job!


Thrift shops for sure! It’s always a fun way to find unique items that aren’t found in all big box stores.

What was most challenging about this vintage trailer remodel?

This was hands down in the worst condition out of any trailer we’ve ever started with, so that in itself was a challenge but one we knew we could tackle!

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What piece of advice would you give someone about to begin an vintage trailer renovation?

Everything is more time consuming and more expensive than projected because with vintage trailers you should always expect the unexpected oh and nothing is level… so get ready for that too! Once your RV is finished, it’s the most rewarding feeling ever and worth all the blood, sweat, and tears!

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