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Peek inside this Thor Windsport that’s been decked out for the holidays

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about this RV renovation

Type of RV: 1998 Thor Windsport

Renovated by: Gabrielle + Daniel Scholl (@faith.and.a.rv) / Timeline: 3 months / Budget: $10k

The Scholl family have enjoyed rootless living, ever since they traded their 3200-square foot home for a 300-square-foot motorhome in 2020.

Today we’re peeking inside their 1998 Thor Windsport to see how they decorated it for the holidays. The greenery, lights, tree, and festive decor sprinkled throughout bring Christmas cheer to this home on wheels. Don’t forget to check them out on Instagram to follow their adventure and see more photos of their RV renovation (link is at the bottom of this post).

Tell us a little about yourself and who you share your RV with

As a May baby, I love comfy cozy spaces. I feel EVERYTHING and love anything soft and plush hence why my RV is decked with pillows and Mongolian fur. Lol.

What inspired you to experience #RVlife?

2020 was a difficult year for many, and after working the last 15 years in a high-stress corporate job, my husband and I decided to sell our newly remodeled 3200-square-foot home and set out on a new adventure! We sold everything and moved into our renovated 300-square-foot RV, which we finished the renovation in early 2019. We weren’t sure how long our journey would last, but we knew we needed a change, and full-time RV life would provide us with that change we desired. We traveled for a year and decided to become stationary for the last year in Texas. We are still trying to decide where and when we want to lay our roots back down, but for now, we are rootless living and enjoying every moment!

How would you describe your decorating style?

Comfy Modern Farmhouse Chic

What are your favorite places to source products and decor?

Hobby Lobby, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Home Goods

Do you collect anything during your travels?

I love stickers. They are small, so they won’t create clutter, and I decorate my laptop, luggage, and notebook with them.

What’s the most meaningful or splurge-worthy item you incorporated into your RV interior? 

Our on-demand Tankless Water Heater and Water Filtration System have been game changers!

Do you have any favorite Christmas traditions?

We love Christmas mornings staying in our PJs and opening gifts with our children. We also love baking Christmas cookies together as a family.

Do you have any tips for decorating an RV during the holidays?

Using wreaths, garland and a few festive pillows help to create a beautiful Christmas vibe in your tiny home on wheels.

“Selling our home to live in our motorhome was the biggest leap of faith in our 21 years together. Why did we do it? One word, Freedom.

Freedom to choose your own path, Freedom from debt, Freedom to travel and Freedom to experience a life that would bring us closer to God, nature and each other.The last 2 years have proven how important Freedom truly is and how long we had taken it for granted…


– @Faith.and.a.rv

What do you love most about your Thor Windsport motorhome?


What piece of advice would you give someone about to start an RV renovation?

Be patient and know that when you are all done, it will have been worth it.


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