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See how a family of 5 lives full-time in their remodeled fifth wheel

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about this RV renovation

Type of RV: 2014 Forest River Sandpiper

Renovated by: @jennnbaldwinn / Budget: $2,000 / Timeline: 7 months

Jennifer Baldwin is a military wife and mom of three with a passion for interior design and a love for antiques. When her husband was accepted into flight school, they decided it was the perfect opportunity to try out full-time RV living. Today we’re taking a peek inside their remodeled fifth wheel.

She’s done a beautiful job transforming their camper into a cozy home for their family of five. The interior includes an incredible high-back farmhouse sink and unique pieces that tell a story. It’s easy to see this RV is filled with love, soul, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Tell us a little about yourself and who you share your RV with:

I am a military wife and a mom of three. We travel a lot because of my husband’s job, and our hobby became camping when the kids were really young, so we kind of had an idea of what we would need space-wise in order to live in it full-time. Interior design is my passion, and I loved that having a small space meant we would have the budget to do a lot of the things that we were not able to afford in our larger homes.

What inspired you to experience #RVlife?

My husband got accepted into flight school, which is a little over two years. I always loved the idea of trying out RV living and felt like this was the perfect time in our lives to do it while he was in school.

How would you describe your decorating style?

My dream home would be an 1800s farmhouse with all the decor included, but because that’s not possible, I try to incorporate antiques with a modern touch. I love good quality, unique pieces that tell a story and a home that does the same. For our RV, we knew we would need to lighten it up with white paint, but I was scared if we went too far in one direction, it would pull more boho vibes. I tried my best to keep it unique and “old feeling.”

What project made the most difference?

I think painting the RV interior white made all of the difference. It just adds so much life and warmth into the camper that wasn’t there originally. Once we had that base, it was a lot easier to design the space.

Was your remodeled fifth wheel inspired by anything specific?

I absolutely love ourkinandhome on Instagram. Her home is so organic, and when she moved into a camper briefly it was a good way to acquire inspiration for our space. I also love r.maria.fuller on Instagram and was heavily inspired by her family when it came to finding the perfect layout that would accommodate our similarly sized family.

“So far, our largest splurge item has been our Article couch. When we first moved into our RV, we started with an Ikea couch with removable cushions. Once we realized that the couch was a catch-all for dirty hands and food stains, we realized how nice it would be to have a leather sofa that we could easily wipe down. It took some convincing for my husband to get on board, but I ended up finding our sofa on Facebook marketplace, brand new, for 50% off the store price, so we got incredibly lucky!”

– @jennnbaldwinn

What are your favorite places to source products and decor?

Thrift stores, antique shops, flea markets, garage sales, and Facebook marketplace. I try to shop used locally wherever we are stationed but I also love to support small shops online when it comes to quality Bedding, pottery, and sustainable clothing.

Do you collect anything or is there anything you look for during your travels?

Not currently, but I would love to start collecting ornaments from all of our travels.

What do you love most about your remodeled fifth wheel?

I love the kid’s bunk room the most. It’s just a fun and gender-neutral space that includes something special for all of my kids. We have everything we need in there and more, and I love how much the design touches on their personalities. One thing we had to have was their toy kitchen. That has been a staple in each age and I kind of designed the space around that.

Most asked about product sources:

Our most asked question about our remodel has been our kitchen cabinet paint color. We ended up choosing Behr’s heather grey color and have no regrets!

What piece of advice would you give someone about to embark on an RV remodel?

I would do a lot of research on what model works best for your family. There are so many RV’s out there and each has its own pros and cons. Have patience and buy used if possible. Used RV’s are so much more affordable.

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