This family-friendly Toy Hauler remodel is filled with thrifted finds

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about this RV renovation

Type of RV: 2015 Grand Design Momentum 380 Toy Hauler

Renovated by: @sadiebee_rv / Budget: Under $3,000 / Timeline: 5 months (on and off)

When Troy and Elizabeth decided to trade their house for a home on the road, one specific RV stood out, the Grand Design Momentum 380 Toy Hauler.

Then, with a budget of $3,000 and a passion for all things vintage and thrifted, their Toy Hauler was transformed into a cozy abode filled with meaningful pieces. It’s amazing how much character was added to this home on wheels, which now serves as the perfect backdrop for their growing family.

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When my husband was going to be a travel nurse we wanted the consistency and comfort of a home to take with us. At first we wanted a tiny house, but then we saw people were remodeling RVs, we knew that would be way more affordable and easier to move. We’ve always liked the idea of creating something to feel like a home. We gathered a lot of inspiration from Pinterest.


We really liked the idea of a toy hauler and having extra living space vs more bedrooms. I had seen this floorplan and knew right away I wanted to open up the doors and make it one big open floorplan. I didn’t think my husband would like the idea of having everything open so I never showed him this one. One day he was looking for RVs online and asked what I thought about this one and I was like I love it!! I’ve had it on my Pinterest board for awhile! That’s how I knew this was the right one!


Vintage and thrifty. I love anything old and beautiful! I try to always paint before we replace. I painted our whole bathroom (sink, counter, floor and faucet too) and only replaced the vanity and we love how it turned out!


Before we had Instagram, we just had Pinterest and that’s where I saw Autumn’s toy hauler from @theasphaltgypsy. That’s when we knew we wanted a toy hauler. We loved how she made the main bedroom into the kids’ room. Her home is so beautiful! We were also inspired by Karlee and Weston Marsh from @karleeandweston. Not only are their renovations gorgeous, but they give so many tips on RV remodeling!!

“A few of my favorite things sit right here on this open shelving 🥰 The dishes are our same everyday dishes that we received as wedding gifts almost nine years ago! They’re scratched and chipped, but I’ve never felt the need to replace them.

The vintage canisters above belonged to my great-grandmother and are used to hold flour and coffee.The McCoy mixing bowl is one I found at a thrift store, but my grandmother had the same set. It’s the memories for me that make pieces special 🤎”

– @sadiebee_rv

What’s your favorite aspect of interior design?

I just love all the endless possibilities! If you don’t like something, you can always change it! I like changing one little thing at a time instead of tearing everything out and starting fresh. I always try to paint first before I replace. There’s paint out there for everything now!! We used appliance epoxy on our fridge, oven, countertops and bathroom and it saved us from having to replace all that because it was all totally functional.


I always like to check thrift stores first. Most of the decor in our RV is either from a thrift store, Ikea, etsy or my mom’s attic. I also love World Market!

What was most challenging about this toy hauler remodel?

The hardest part for us was finding a piece of trim for the slide out transition. We bought and returned so many different pieces. Finally, a family friend made us a trim piece out of oak that fits perfect!

“We really love our green couch from Ikea! The material is like a dark green velvet and it has held up so well with three kids and a dog. I don’t have to worry about it getting dirty or rather seeing the dirt like I would a lighter color couch. It’s also really wide when you take off the back cushions so it can double as an extra sleeping space. We didn’t want an uncomfortable sleeper sofa so this was perfect for us!”

– @sadiebee_rv

“I remember buying these quilted pillow cases at an antique store when we lived in MN and I was pregnant with my first girl. I’ve held on to them knowing I’d use them one day, but I didn’t think it would be in a renovated rv that we now call home.❤️

I love using pieces that tell a story it always makes it feel more like a home in here. I will always be a Carolina girl at heart, but our home in MN is where we brought our 3 girls home and something small like this brings that memory into our new home 🥰”

– @sadiebee_rv

“We did not need to replace our vanity mirror, but when I found this gem at a salvage warehouse for $20, I couldn’t help it!! I love using antique pieces in our home. I like thinking about the house it was in before and how many different faces have looked in this mirror.”

– @sadiebee_rv

What piece of advice would you give someone about to begin an RV renovation?

Take it slow! Don’t be in a rush to tear everything out and buy all new. Everything in our grand design was built so well we really tried to do more changing rather than replacing. Also, remember to design or decorate to what you like and what works best for your family. I almost took down our blinds, but decided to keep them because they were so functional and small you barely notice them once the awnings above were gone. I can’t imagine trying to find all new blinds for the different sized windows!

Most asked about product sources:

We have been asked about our green paint color in our kitchen. We mixed Sherwin Williams pewter green and ripe olive together to get the right shade.

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